Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lina Foot Surgery (head surgon Jason P Magness)

Three days after I met Lina I was holding a light on her foot with one hand and holding her down with the rest of my body.

Lina had just got back from Baja where she competed with Jason Magness and Daniel Staudigel on team YogaSlackers in the Baja Travesia they ended up crossing the finish line in 2nd place. Not bad considering she just met these two crazy guys 5 days earlier. I was not there so I will let the team explain more of the race.

I flew in to help out with the slacklining and Acro workshop Jason was hosting at Yoganic's. So the race ended on the 28th the workshop began on the 29th, thankfully he had Dieke Bikker as an assistant. We spent the first 2 hours learning acrobatic counter balances

The last half of the class we move outside to trolley park for a bit (3 hours) of slacklining in which Lina participated in case you were not keeping track.

The next day everyone was back for 5 more hours of Acro and slacking. Now that you have a concept of what Lina did for the three days after I met her this might mean a little more.

Lina's Feet (feat) 4 Days after the desert adventure race

I wish I had close ups of the surgical tools!
Slackers need tough FEET for their Feats.

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  1. oh the memories....haha...thanks for healing me!