Friday, April 18, 2008

Introducing the Team

Wow, been a while in coming....hopefully we can keep things a little more up to date with this blog.
The Team (as of today!)
Jason Magness
Andy Magness
Sam Salwei
Paul Cassedy
Daniel Staudigel
Mark Lattanzi
Dan Norgard
Lina Augaitis
Paige Wyatt
Adi Carter
Sara Dallman
Dieke Bikker

Somehow we all link together.
Upcoming Events: email us for more details
108 Slackline Sun salutations - April 19
Slackline workshop: Tucson AZ - April 19
E-fix Expedition Race: Virginia - April 23 - 27
SlacroFest: NYC - May 3-4
Desert Winds Race (Lina racing with Dart-Nuun): Nevada - May 11-12
Dutch Acrobatics Festival: Amsterdam - May 9-12

1 comment:

  1. Hello sweets,
    good this blog, now we can see more then only the past.. Jas, good luck with the sstions today, I'll do some also, not telling you how many jet...;) xxx