Wednesday, June 8, 2011

YogaSlackers take over prAna

Once again we find ourselves trying to fall asleep in the prAna parking lot. I feel there is no better time or place to write this blog as just a few short weeks ago, this very building was our home/prison for a week.

You see, the YogaSalckers decided to go against our “slacker” name and host the first ever YogaSlackers teacher training, certifying 23 new teachers in the art of slacking, with a lot of yoga, acrobatics and slacklining mixed in.

This blog episode is not about the teacher training itself, you can read about that elsewhere. This story is about the week leading up to the training.

With only 10 days remaining before our teacher training was to begin Sam and Dan figured it was a good time to start creating the manual that the training would be based around.

The problem: We get distracted very easily!

The solution: Lock ourselves in a room until the manual was done.

But where?

The answer: prAna’s founder, Beaver, agreed to let us use the conference room for the week. He had no idea what he’d gotten himself (or his staff) into. The following video gives you a little taste of the 120 hours we spent locked up in the office:

Thankfully, Jason and Chelsey were able to find their way to prAna, covered in poison oak from that weekend’s adventure race, and help finish the manual.

We took the next day off to recover, both mentally and physically, and then headed out to the retreat center to get everything set up. The ten-day training was full of good people, fun moments, plenty of adventure, and-thanks to our week stay at prAna-an amazing manual.

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