Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Before there was YogaSlackers

As the first ever YogaSlacker's teacher training comes to a close (we miss everyone already!), Sam and I have been reminiscing about the long time coming that these last ten days have been.  YogaSlackers started on the floor of a climbing gym in North Dakota, with two dirtbag climbers and the friends that they trained with late into the night.  If you watch closely you can spot early images of the Peace Love Car, and even the "Duck Car" (pre PLC).  There is also archival footage of our earliest days on the line, when nylon was all we knew, and we started experimenting with slack-asana.  I hope that this will buy me a bit of time as I sort through the amazing images and video of the last ten days, and scratch my head wondering just how we were able to attract 23 of the most amazing slackline yogis I've ever seen....

As I watched people from all across the country walking long lines, water lines, rodeo lines, and doing amazing asana throughout it was hard to imagine that there ever was a time before yogaslackers....

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  1. This was always one of my favorite videos, ahh the great ol days! Miss all of you guys! JJ