Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too many Missions

"Missions" - thats what they call it in New Zealand whenever you have big plans in the outdoors, or really anywhere for that matter.  Chelsey and I have been over here in New Zealand for nearly two weeks, and already completed two - the Dusky Mission, and the Mitre Peak Mission.  Tonight we start a mission to introduce these keen Kiwis to the arts of Slackline and AcroYoga in a 3-day retreat.  The day that ends, we'll head off on our last mission - a one day run of the 67 km Kepler Track.  But for now, in our brief opportunity to be connected via the internet, we wanted to post a quick photo essay of the two incredible journeys we've had thus far.  So I present a teaser video from the Dusky Mission (a six-day out and back on the roughest track in NZ, which included first packraft descents of the Spey and Seaforth rivers), photos from the Mitre Mission (a 14 hour push to climb and descend New Zealand's most photographed summit, Milford Sound's Mitre peak).  The sandfly bites are still healing....

Mitre Peak at 8am, packraft used for 4 km crossing

A moment of reflection before the unrelenting steep

finally out of the trees at 900 meters (3000 ft)

right at home on a granite perch

No camera trickery here - this was the angle of much of the turf we had to climb!

summit - wishing for Star Trek transporter capabilities 

partners in crime

Dougie (little yellow dot!) reflecting on the tops - before the descent

clouds moving in from the ocean

The dank jungle during the 1700 meter (5600 ft)  descent


  1. This is amazing!
    It 8:00 am in NY & I am about to start my day working from home while I am checking the latest buzz on FB to see your gorgeous shots from the top of the world...You're an inspiration! I can't wait to spend some time with you yogiing, climbing and hiking to the next adventure.

    with Love & Peace,

  2. damn bro - can't wait for the full stories. man i miss NZ!

  3. wicked photos! Definitely keen to hear more about both missions.