Sunday, February 6, 2011

Almost ready....

 Well , we are almost ready- our patches our sewn (probabaly one the most tedious tasks of the entire race!), our gear check is over and now we play the waiting game. Tonight we get the maps after the opening ceremony. All the pre-race shennanigans while waiting for the gun to go off are the most difficult parts- butterflies and anxiety fuel us until we are deep into the race. Until then, we are foaming at the mouth and watching the clock tick.   Some rumors have been floating around that this indeed will be the toughest race that this organization has ever put together. I can´t imagine it being any harder than last year, but apparently they are expecting less than half of the teams to finish.   There will be many demoralizing sections that will limit most teams from finishing.  This year, as many of you know- we are going back with the same team: Jason Magness, Daniel  Staudigal, and Chelsey Gribbon of the YogaSlackers and Stephen Regenold  of  We are racing as and you can get updates from daily from T.C. Worley- a phenomenal writer, photographer and friend. 

Sam and Paul are super excited to be here, and we are more than thrilled knowing that we will be seeing themsome where out in the wild tundra 3 or 4 days in.  Seeing our closest friends in the middle of this race will be an amazing energetic boost.  They are going to be posting pictures and writing updates on our blog as well as our facebook page.  

Thank you again to all of our family, friends and sponsors for the love and support!

P.S.  Jason´s bike is still in transit from Las Vegas- lets hope it gets here by this afternoon!! 

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