Friday, October 1, 2010

Acro Acro Everywhere

As Chelsey and I prepare for our big teaching weekend in Tucson, I look back on the last month and see that it has been FULL of Acro.  From Santa Barbara to Steamboat Springs, Denver, Estes Park (with all the slackers!), and now Tucson...

And this is not the end.  Next week we finish off with the Divine Play AcroYoga festival in Oakland.
Somehow in the midst of all this upside down time, we are also training for the Adventure Racing National Championships - so time has been short.  Blog production has been slow.  Video editing even slower.

But yesterday, the moons of m4v, AVCHDlite, and imac all aligned.  Things started to whir and spin in the universe of Imovie and Adobe.  And by morning, two new yogaslacker films were born...

So here they are - one looking at the past, and one toward the future.

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