Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the day unlike others

The balloon man liked our moves:)

Laura here...

After our 3 week AcroYoga teacher training, Chelsey, Chip and I had some time to kill in Santa Barbara. After enjoying some morning coffee, which had been “contraband” for the last month of our lives, we were pumped and decided to go use our energy for something useful. Now, it’s not often that Chelsey and I get to out number the boys, so what did we decide to go do? Shop! Now, as yogaslackers, it would be crazy to actually think of spending our own money on buying clothes, so to justify it to ourselves, we drew up the perfect plan. While one of the ladies would go into a store, the other lady and Chip would do some acro busking outside while waiting. Pretty brilliant if you ask me, and I now may never shop in any other way. What did we get you ask? With our very small budget, we had just enough for Laura to get a fun bikini for her upcoming beach holiday with Chip and his fam, and Chelsey to get a new belt to match her new prAna pants. Just might be the only way to do things from now on...and who knows, maybe the boys will even let us shop more now that they get to be involved in a fun way:)

Chelsey & Chip
Laura & Chip
even Chip gets to fly

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