Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chelsey expands into Woman Adventure Magazine

Chelsey here:
It has been so inspiring and rewarding for me to share my experiences with other woman.
In addition to the Wend blog, I am now also a regular blogger for Women's Adventure Magazine.  It is a blog about yoga, adventure sports and all the struggles, emotions and inner work that can come with pushing your limits as a woman in a some what male athletic dominated world. Also,  once a month I post a quick 10 minute yoga sequence called V.I.B.E.,  "Vinyasa Inspired By Experience".  These are quick vinyasas inspired by what I love to do- climb, acrobatics, slackline, adventure race, mtn bike, play... etc.   Our first V.I.B.E. dvd is almost out, so stay tuned.

Here is the link to my first post, there has been 2 out since this one!

Have fun playing!!


  1. I don't see Outdoor sports as being male dominated. Nature is a great equalizer.

  2. Good point Chris- that is why I said somewhat. The population of women who are playing outside and pushing their limits any many others are growing. Women bring great strength, intelligence and finesse to the adventure world. The blog is an outlet for me to voice the inner turmoil that sometimes comes up when I am out there pushing myself. At first I thought I was alone in this, however after I started to voice my thoughts and feelings- I found out that I was in fact not alone. and I agree Mother Nature is a great equalizer;) Thank you for your comment!

  3. WAm is lucky to have you, Chelsey! Thanks for being our voice of yoga. ~ Susan, WAm

  4. Thanks for having me! I am loving it!

  5. Keep doing your thing shining shakti! I love and honor you guys and all that you do. Your ways of living inspire me each time I check in, to continue to stay true to my own dharma as I breathe and move in this world. I dream of attending this teacher training you are putting together, and hope one day you will have another one if I can not be involved within it yet. It will manifest how it is meant to, I hope our paths cross one day in the future=)

    SO much Love and Peace to you and to ALL... shaina
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti