Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Climbing Competition Marathon Week

I've been riding Sam and Dan and the other super talented crazy slackers to post more of their adventures on this blog - and I am impressed!  The following is Dan Norgard's balancing act of being a teacher an community college and a part time "slacker hero" on nights and weekends....Long nights and weekends... 

Team Member Dan Norgard reporting -

I woke up this morning after my two hours of sleep and while eating breakfast on my way to campus, I  started to wonder how I became too tired to chew? I guess it all started on Thursday when Sam and I (Dan) were planning to meet up in ND to host our annual climbing competition at YogaSlackers’ climbing gym Northern Heights Rock Gym. Sam was driving up from CO and I was coming from MN, but on the way to Grand Forks we both looked up in the sky and spotted the YogaSlackers symbol, 

 and just like Batman and Robin (for those of you wondering, yes Sam is Robin) we rushed to the scene and found that the John Mayer concert in Fargo ND needed more riggers. Luckily we both arrived just as the concert was getting over and by 3am Friday morning were back on the road for the last hour of the drive to Grand Forks.

Friday morning we got up and after looking at the climbing wall decided that we could take the afternoon catching up with some old friends because it looked like we were way ahead of schedule. To our surprise when we returned to the gym  at 5pm we discovered that the routes we were admiring that morning were actually old routes and still needed to come down off the wall.  We were more like 40 man hours behind schedule. Luckily a number of our staff pulled all nighters with us and we had everything set up 30 minutes before people arrived (fyi that is a new record for us),  I guess that means time for a cat nap! 

We hosted one of our best attended climbing comps in the history of the gym, 50 climbers from MN, ND and Canada competed for prizes from PranaEvolve, and a number of amazing local sponsors. Not to mention the registration included a sweet Prana shirts. 

After the climbing comp was all said and done the YogaSlackers symbol was back in the sky and Sam and I were needed in Bismarck (a 6 hour drive in the Peace Love Car) by noon the next day, the dinosaurs were coming to town!

After a quick, and well deserved, nights sleep we headed to Bismarck where we were met by a building that was not designed for dinosaurs. 

After 8 hours of climbing in high steel we called it a night and went to the hotel to finally sleep in a real bed. The next day the dinosaurs had arrived and we finished building their new home. Since I had to teach the next morning in Minneapolis (an 8 hour drive) I was able to sneak out at 10pm, leaving Sam in Bismarck to finish the last few details which took until 3am. So I guess being on our second 36 hour day in one week is why I can’t muster even the energy to chew. 
I wonder how Sam’s tranquilizer gun is going to fare against the dinosaurs for the next two nights?
"What’s that Sam?  the dinosaurs are coming to Fargo Thursday?"…I’ll be right there!  And so the adventure continues…

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