Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chelsey needs your help

Request for assistance -

Below is a breif history of recent events in Chelsey Gribbon's life. Please read it and if you are in a position to help, feel free to do so. If not, thanks for reading and sending healing energy this way.
  • Chelsey had a miscarriage today
  • She was 13-16 weeks pregnant, despite having an IUD in. No one knew she was pregnant. She'd missed her last 2 menstrual cyles, only light spotting, but this is fairly common in endurance athletes. She essentially went into labor to pass the misscarriage.
  • We found out today that her insurance was canceled two weeks ago - because when her passport and credit cards were stolen in Abu Dhabi her check card was canceled, and a new one issued. The insurance company tried to charge the old check card, and when it was listed as a stolen card, they canceled the policy. Despite the fact that we have proof of this, as well as the fact that money existed in her account to cover the payments, the insurance company will NOT reinstate the policy. So after being persuaded to stay in the hospital, we now are left paying the bill.
  • Full Story - Yesterday (while visiting a training in Santa Barbara - see recent post) - Chelsey and I were on a walk heading to a teahouse when she doubled over in pain. She began to undergo painful contractions and cramps every few minutes, which left her unable to walk. We gave up on getting tea, or walking back home and called a friend for a pick up.
Chelsey went to an Urgent care clinic, by which time she was literally screaming in pain. After a urine test, they confirmed she was pregnant. They immediately removed the IUD, and sent her to the ER. She scared me and the rest of her friends and doctors with her intense screams (I think she thougth that she was dying - the pain was like giving birth apparently, but without the warning or expectation that comes with pregnancy.)

They did an ultrasound, confimred that the baby was no longer living. At this point they moved her upstairs, and put her on drugs to induce contractions and pass the baby. She was able to sleep some, and passed the misscarriage this morning.

Furthermore, she was/is due to head to Patagonia to race in the Patagonia Expedition Race - essentially the Olympics of her sport of Adventure Racing. We'll see what happens with this.

It is a bit crazy to think (especially for those of you who know us) that she raced the last two expedition races (the 4 day GoldRush, and the 6 day Abu Dhabi race), as well as taught the advanced acroyoga workshop, and intense training schedule - all while pregnant.

She is amazingly strong and I am blessed to be with her. This very traumatic experience helped us realize how much we care for each other, how much we support each other, and how much we look forward to the future, and a time when we will encounter pregnancy with more awarenss and conscious love.

As the doctor put it - "obviously you are both extremely fertile...."

Please send Chelsey your love as she recovers. If it is within your means to help financially, you can send a check to:

Chelsey Gribbon/1432 Cottonwood St/Grand Forks, ND 58201

or pay to paypay:
PLEASE DO NOT GIVE BEYOND YOUR MEANS AND ABUNDANCE! Your love and support is felt, regardless of whether you can help financially. Namaste.
Jason and Chelsey


  1. Hej there, Just read the post, and want to let you know my thoughts, prayers and compassion are going out to you. Please send Chelsey love and power. Dieke

  2. Chelsey!!!!
    You brave woman. I am so sorry to hear about what you and Jason just went through. Take care of yourself these next few weeks. You will be in my thoughts.
    Lang (Ibex Outdoor Clothing)

  3. Sending love and thoughts of wellness and power to augment your own.


  4. No words can minimize the pain. Our thoughts are with you both. Please take time to heal and rest your body. Leave the "superhero" athletic work to the boys for a good 2 months. Eat, sleep,,breath and most importantly grieve! When the time is right...the cosmos will deliver your gift.......hugs and kisses. Polonskis

  5. Chelsey and Jason,

    So sorry to hear about the miscarriage. You are both so strong and resilient. Do take time to rest, process, and rejuvenate. My prayers are with you both!

    Joy (Colorado Springs)

  6. Guys - you are both in my thoughts. I wish you the best in your recovery.

    tim (and nuun)