Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sam and Neville in Malaysia

Yogaslackers are in 9th place!

Andy here: Day one is complete of their race! I was dismayed at the thought of having to hear it all second hand an not getting to root for them throughout, but have discovered that SleepMonsters is covering the event with daily blogs! You can follow their progress here. You'll get to a page with a list of entries, all pertaining to the Malaysia race.

I'll try to provide quick a quick synopsis on here, however, for those that just like to check in when they've got a spare minute.

Team Yogaslackers are currently in 9th, sitting just behind Team Tecnu Extreme/Asolo (another strong US team comprised of Kyle Peter and Mari Chandler from Dart adventure racing). They're about 12-13 minutes off the lead. The field seems to have broken apart a bit after the first day however, as the gap between 11th and 12th place is around 20 minutes. This bodes well for the boys chances of making finishing in the top 10 which would be pretty awesome, considering it's Neville's first race and Sam's lack of training beyond his ordinary active lifestyle. Tomorrow they'll get a rest day (probably Yogaslacker style - with lots of acroyoga and slacklining thrown in) as they move to a new location.

Keep up the good work guys!

more pics here

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