Thursday, July 2, 2009

YES Tour Day 24: Flying by

Day 24: in which the Yogaslackers go flying but do not bike to Salida

Miles Biked: 21
Miles flown: around 170
Yoga classes: 1
Ice cream servings required to restore Sam: 2

Today we planned to go flying and then bike towards Salida. As it often happens things did not go according to plan. We took advantage of not actually having to be anywhere early to sleep in a bit. Pat, our host is a pilot with an aiprplane and he was kind enough to offer us an airplane ride and we couldn't refuse. Eventually we bicycled off east to the airport, but we waited until things warmed up enough to create some turbulence. We piled in and took off and headed west. We could see the river and their "house" and the bike path we planned to take for the first part of the ride. In almost no time we were over Canon City and then Royal Gorge. The turbulence was getting to Sam and he started to turn the color of his favorite shirt (yellowish-green). He got rather sick, but figured he was empty and had us go on to within sight of Salida, then we turned south and went over the Crestone Needles. There we saw a large Elk herd up on a ridge line. Then we coasted back down to Pueblo. This was the first time I had been in a small airplane in the mountains and the views of the peaks and ridges as we flew over and by them was amazing. I snapped a heap of photos which will probably not do the views justice at all.

This link is the track of our bicycling plus the plane ride.

YES tour day 24 at SpotAdventures

Map created by SpotAdventures:GPS Geotagging

Once we were back on the ground, we returned the favor and flew Pat in the hanger, much to the amusement of some of his co-workers there. Then we biked back into town for some sushi lunch (we could tell Sam wasn't well when all he wanted was red bean ice cream) before returning to the house to balance the pain of leaving around 4:30 p.m. or later with the pain of getting up early and biking all the way to Salida in one day. The pain for tomorrow won out over the pain for the day. This also allowed us to go to one of Marcee's yoga classes at the Fountain of Health yoga studio. Then we played on the slackline Pat set up on the roof and worked on our media (photos and video). More ice cream revived Sam before another healthy delicious dinner. A final soak in the hot tub helped prepare us for the pain of the long uphill ride to Salida scheduled for tomorrow.
Note: Jason here, it is now 2 am in the morning. I just finished this video of our climbs up to date. I hope I can get up in the morning.

Day 24: bike to Airport at SpotAdventures

Map created by SpotAdventures:GPS Geotagging

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