Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes Tour Day 4: Full steam to Steamboat

Jason here with the day 4 totals
Miles: 55
Offroad miles (to-date): 42
Sun Salutes: 10
Handstands: 3
Mud fights: too many

I am not going to lie. Today really, really sucked. Or at least the middle of it.

It started out beautiful with a late morning yoga practice on the lawn near the tiny town church. None of us were really prepared for the mixture of pain and pleasure brought on by a full yoga practice after the days of hard biking. We had a leisurely breakfast too, of mint tea mixed with oatmeal. No one was really paying attention to the time, just listening to the flow of our bodies and breath.

Eventually though we stopped listening enough to get on our bikes again, and I was really suprised to hear that it was already noon! We were not worried though, as it was only 55 miles to our next stop - Steamboat Springs.

Climbing up and over County Road 3 we made good progress until we passed a sign (similar to the one we saw yesterday) that essentially stated that the road was unmaintained for the next 9 miles. Within minutes the road deteriorated. We still had over 1000 ft to climb, and the road just got worse. The moist clay stuck everywhere forcing us to stop and clean off our wheels constantly. Our pace dropped to less than 1 mph. At 4 PM we were only 8 miles from where we'd started the day. Rain was threatening. Dan's knee had given out.

The only thing that kept us going was the promise of spaghetti and a hot tub waiting in Steamboat.

As most things go, things eventually got better. After a final super steep climb (probably the steepest grade possible with all that gear) we crested the pass and saw miles of dry farm road stretching down into the valley. We stopped and redistributed some of Dan's weight, and pressed on. Fueled by Raw Rev bars, chocolate milk, and slightly caffeinated Kona Cola Nuun we made it by 8:30.

A wonderful dinner with hosts Katie and Keith Giglio followed by a soak in the hot tub saw us completely sated.

Our workshop here does not start until 2 PM so we have a nice easy morning....

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  1. guys - good to hear you're still going. sorry to hear about the mud!!!! let me know if there's anything but we're all thinking of you and have taken our proverbial hats off in awe and admiration.