Wednesday, June 10, 2009

YES Tour Day 2

Day two (miles: 57) started somewhat poorly for a few of us.
Chelsey spent most of the night throwing up, which kept Jason up most of the night too. Dan and Sam too were kept up by the downstairs tenet playing Dance Dance revolution all night long.

Not much sleep for anyone - except Sam who could sleep through war.

We all discussed Chelsey's ilness and thought it best for her to stay behind and go to the doctor. Sounded good until she called in and was told that her insurance had been canceled. So instead she decided to stay in bed and try to get better with nothing but a good day of sleep.

The rest of headed the 30 miles into Aspen on a beautiful bike path. It was slightly uphill all the way, but we made it with 15 minutes to spare. Just enough time for a coffee!

We spent the next 6 hours teaching and practicing slackline yoga at the Aspen Athletic Club. Host Jeremy had a great set-up and we stuck it out through the rain, hail and precious moments of sunshine. We were visited by about 30 people over the course of our stay, and greatly enjoyed the company. Can't remember any of their names, but we did get some great pictures. Some of them were really good slackers, and it wasn't long before we had them performing some difficult asanas (poses) on the line.

Luckily the ride back was slightly downhill, so we pace-lined at about 30 mph all the way until the final climb back to the house. That climb was tough though, 3 miles of about a 10% grade, not to fun at the end of the day.

Chelsey and our hosts Todd and Jenny had a great meal waiting though, and we swapped river stories as we ate. Now we are off to a much needed sleep. Tomorrow we load back up the trailers and head toward Steamboat Springs, via the 20 miles of dirt over Cottonwood Pass.
I must have been sleeping when Sam and Chelsey planned this part.

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