Monday, June 8, 2009

YES Tour Day 0

Well its Monday and in true slacker style... we decided to postpone our launch:)

We started out the day a 6am trying to sort all our stuff into piles Biking, Stay in Car and meet us at the Telluride Yoga Festival. Our goal was to leave Rachael's house (YogaSlackers Safe House #44) by noon. At 2pm we discovered that Jason and Daniel had put their rear racks on bassakwards and by 4pm we might have been able to hit the road but 2 out of the 3 cars were dead so after Daniel cleverly rolled his into the middle of the street to block traffic while Rachael now also blocking traffic jump started it... Jason and I pushed Chelsey down a hill in hopes of bump starting it... the PLC had no problems:)

Now the convoy to the parking garage...upon returning to SH#44 at 5:15 leaving less then 3 hours of light for our 50 mile ride we opted to head to the spa with Rachael. She taught a great 1.5 hour class. Which helped us get out of the stress of planing a 42 day whirlwind bike tour and focus on why we were doing it. Chelsey and I were feeling the race from the day before and we were looking forward to the hot tub, sauna and hot showers to rejuvenate...

We had to make a few amendments to the plan but we should be on our way to Aspen by 8am tomorrow...

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