Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm getting over the hill (Yes Tour day 7)

(Yesterdays Totals: bike miles 20, river miles 20)

Miles: 46
Offroad miles (total to this point): 41
Handstands (to date) : 27 each

We were pretty lazy wen we woke up. The morning rapidly passed into afternoon as we ate a wonderful oatmeal for breakfast and leisurely packed. When Keith insisted that we eat before we head off, we couldn't say no. The lunch conversation was so interesting, we found 2 PM coming and going as we learned about the history of American money. Keith had bills that were 150 years old!

Finally, we mounted our bikes amidst a late afternoon shower and headed away from Steamboat and up into the mountains toward Rabbit Ears pass. The rain, fog and sunshine battled it out for space in the sky while we battled our way up the 10 mile climb to the Continental Divide at 9500 feet.

The temperatures dropped as we gained altitude, and by the time we reached the top we were shivering. I could barely do a handstand to commemorate the end of the steep climbing.

We raced down the other side, chasing the last of the sun. It was a melancholy evening as we were all missing Daniel. As the sun set, we opted not to go to a friend's cabin that had been offered (it was down a dirt road, 1000 ft of climbing, and miles out of the way). Instead, we continued on county road 28, until it turned to dirt.

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Out of water, we rode on until coming to a little ranch house. We investigated it, found a water spigot still working and a little tiny guest cabin open. We debated our options, and in the end, decided to sleep on the floor. Even being in the cabin was like stepping back 50 -100 years, shortwave radio and all. My mother would have been in heaven!

After an hearty dinner of Eastern Essence Indian food, we curled up in our sleeping bags, and quick and heavy sleep came.

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  1. Chelsey,

    We found your tube hat. It's on its way to Boulder. Hope it gets there in time.


    Keith & Katie