Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 22 - Newsworthy

Day 22 -

Some days we get lucky. Today was one of them. It could be because of the amazing place we are staying, or the amazing people we are meeting, or the new routine Tom and Sam learned, or the fantastic food, or the disciplined practice this afternoon, or the plentiful chocolate milk....

It could also be a little bit because someone else did our work for us tonight. We had an amazing day, and tomorrow starts at 5 AM. Here is the blog for day 22 courtesy of KOAA news channel 5.

Tom here, adding a bit more to explain what we did today, before I forget it all in a wash of new experiences. We slept in as much as the bright morning sun allowed and caught up on our photos and video. After lunch we did some yoga and practiced some new moves and routines until it was time to bicycle to the hospital to do some demonstrations and create strength bracelets with the kids there. From the hospital we moved on to a city park to set up the slacklines and do some demonstrations and teaching slackline until it started to get dark. Then we biked back and got schooled by the robo-pong machine.

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