Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chelsey here-

We are back in the real world for a few more hours before we depart on our next adventure. For the past 2 and half weeks Jason, Sam and I have been in Joshua Tree teaching a climbing/acro yoga/mediation retreat. It was amazing. Every morning we woke up and meditated by the guidance of Melissa, had a morning yoga session, ate a gourmet breakfast and then went off to set up some climbs for our fellow yogis on the retreat! We would climb for a few hours and then have a little acro session while the sunset. Night time was accompanied with acoustics from amazing guitar players around the fire as well as delicious meals to warm our bellies.
On our "rest" day between retreats we set up a highline at Chongo Gap. We got 9 new people on it including myself! It was exhilerating, scary as hell and somehow strangely addicting at the same time!
Now we are 2 hours from getting on the Bart to head to the airport. About three hours ago Daniel realized he had forgotten his passport down in Santa Barbara... there always has to be something to keep us on our toes! Hopefully our jedi yogi powers will get it to us before our eight o'clock flight to Costa Rica!!
As of right now our race starts on Saturday on the Pacific Coast which means we have to catch a bus tomorrow morning in San Jose.... We will be racing Coast to Coast, from the Pacific Coast to the Carribean Coast via foot, bike, pack raft and canoe. 500 km across the country in 6 days. Hopefully! To keep track of us please go to and click on live tracking. Right now it will show us in Oakland, California.. by tomorrow morning we will be in San Jose, Costa Rica! whoot whoot!! Pura Vida

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