Monday, February 9, 2009

Life in Flagstaff

Hey this is Chelsey, As I am writing this the snow is coming down in full force. Jason is out driving in it (poor guy) and said that it is absolute craziness. This is music to our ears though, the wind is howling which means good snowkiting ... (this is what I am told) I am still learning and have been pulled up and slammed down by the wind a little more times than I would like! Yesterday we geared up for a winter bike ride with ibex layers, goretex inov-8 shoes and goggles, by the time we got home, we were wet.. but warm enough to bust out the shovels and shovel off our driveway. ahhh living in the mountains again, what a treat! We then geared up again and ran to a yoga class through the snow covered trees, it was so gorgeous! When we got home we made a 95% recycled meal, meaning most of it was pulled out of the dumpster the night before. Fresh mustard greens, red and yellow peppers, cheese bread and portobello mushrooms.. and to drink? Fresh apple juice! Yep- we found so many organic apples and other yummy produce, we had to buy a juicer, a dehydrater and a blender! Since arriving here after the OR show, things have started to calm down a little bit... well it depends on who you talk to. Two days after getting here we went and paddled the Verde River and then mountain biked the 11 mile shuttle in the dark by headlamp/moonlight. The last few days have been spent climbing at a local cragging area 6 miles down the street, trail running, doing acro with friends and of course working on our current projects!

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful!! I would love to do yoga in the snow.