Tuesday, December 2, 2008

YogaSlackers return from IGWA

We're back! Team YogaSlackers returns from IGWA - a adventure in Guadelupe, a French island in the Caribbean with a 1st place coed (4th overall). An interesting 6 days, that's for sure... We did OK, and I learned a lot about navigating for a fast team, something I don't normally do. Lina rocked the house in the kayaks, motoring our way to 1st in every paddling leg, by a sizable margin. We did OK in the trekking legs, losing some time to our slow warm-up (no leg was longer than 15k, most around 5-8k), and to a few navigational mess-ups on my part. The cultural sections were hit-or-miss. As a cook and a musician, I did pretty well with spices & drums, but the sometimes awkward English translations definitely made it difficult for us to answer local cultural questionnaires. All in all, a teriffic adventure, but not really a race. We'll post details and a full report as time allows...

1 comment:

  1. Definitely, Lina was impressive during the paddling races ... but also while running !
    Happy to have met you, it was lot of fun !
    Vinc', from Team RAID'Earth