Monday, November 10, 2008

Team YogaSlackers takes 7th in Adventure Racing National Championships

Blue Ridge Georgia saw the gathering of the top 81 Adventure racing teams in the nation this past weekend. Among the field were 5 teams associated strongly with Inov-8.

Team YogaSlackers, Checkpoint Zero/Inov-8 I, Checkpoint Zero Inov-8 II, CheckPoint Zero/ Inov-8 Masters, and Blackdome/Inov-8.

It was a strong field of racers, and it was really great to see so many Inov-8 "friends" there. It is also nice to have a little in house competition too. I've had the pleasure of racing against the Checkpoint Zero/Inov-8 teams before, and know that they are strong and fast!

I'll let someone else talk about the details, but all in all it was a great race, with all of the Inov-8 teams doing well.

YogaSlackers came in 7th, follow by CPZero/Inov-8 II in 8th, and CPZero Inov-8 I in 10th.
CP Zero/Inov-8 masters came in 2nd in the masters division and 14th overall!
BlackDome/Inov-8 in 22nd! So essentially all the Inov-8 teams were in the top 25% of the field!

Not a bad record for the National Championships!

On an equipment note, I used the 285's (best shoe ever!) and the Racepro 12 pack (a bit small for an unsuppoerte 30 hr, but I am a minimalist, and just accepted the fact that I was going to be cold and wet with no dry clothes....makes me go faster!)

Congrats to all the teams!!!!


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