Friday, September 5, 2008

Bad Karma/ life simplification

The trip back from Canada was epic.  Long.  With a great short stop for a massage in Salt Lake, then a long drive home.  Almost home.  Until the car broke down in the middle night.  And a huge rain storm came in.  I ended up leaving my car for repair in Phoenix for repair, only to find out it needed a new engine.  $ I decided to research buying a used "green" vehicle.  
In the meantime, someone broke into my car at the garage, and stole everything.  All my adventure racing gear, climbing gear, slingshot bike, and a bunch of other stuff.  So, now I have half the stuff I used too.  Liberating I guess.
I have no running car, a missing van, not much stuff (still one bike!), and have been sleeping courtesy of kind friends for the past week.  But I just found a new place to live, and have been doing a great bit of yoga and acrobatics with my partner Emily, and the rest of the crew.  
Keeps me sane and centered.  Life is full of surprises...
I guess the challenges make the successes so much nicer.  
One final question I have been thinking about lately, especially as I turned 33.
Will I ever feel like a grown up?
peace - Jason

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  1. Sorry to hear about your recent ordeal. although, liberation is the most important word in my vocabulary. i posted this comment further down the page, but thought i might try again here:

    Hey team. i met a couple of you guys at PowerShift last year, in D.C. and was inspired. I've started slack lining and pursuing a balance of soul, of harmony between the spirit and the environment. i was wondering if you knew of any contacts or groups doing similar pursuits- adapting sports to the extreme in pursuit of oneness with the self and the environment... but in other countries? if so, please please get back to me. i'm looking to do research but i need to know where to start and there's one stipulation- it must be international! thanks so much,