Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunshine Coast Trail with Great Explorations

I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of this wonderful event. Robbin’s company Great Explorations allows individuals to explore the world by bike without having to think about the small details.I had been to the Sunshine Coast several times but never to explore the mountain bike trails. The trail system on the coast is unreal. It is the perfect blend of what I love about Squamish/Whistler and North Vancouver without the crowds.
Meg, Marg and I met at Park Royale and biked down to HorshoeBay with enough time to greet participants on this end of the Ferry. It was a fun ride full of chatter and excitement, the time flew by and we managed to rock it to the ferry in no time at all. Horseshoe Bay is gorgeous and a fun place to chill before heading onto the ferry (unless you are there for hours and hours and hours which is sometimes the case…I’m sure us Vancouverites know the situation of Ferry waiting all too well...). On the other end of the ferry we were greeted by School Buses and Trucks. We (the volunteers) managed to squeeze everyone’s bikes and lugagge onto the vehicles and off we went to Half Moon Bay. Unfortunately we were greeted by rain, and a lot of it. Living in Vancouver we have learned to make the best of the rainy weather so out came the beers and Marg’s guitar.
Saturday morning, the rain was still coming down but with hot coffee brewing and lots of delicious food, everyone seemed to be in good spirits. The beginning of the ride on Saturday morning was wet, technical and a little crowded. For some this proved to be difficult both physically and mentally but once we each found our rhythm we were all smiles at Rest Stop 1: Trout Lake. Here Marg and I re-grouped and decided that we did not want to be late for Nicholas to help prepare dinner so we ripped it on our bikes. It was great to ride with someone of similar ability and endurance. I had a blast rolling into Porpoise Bay. I managed to bike down some steep terrain and ride some skinnies: those of you who know me and my biking this is huge…woohoo!

Saturday night was fabulous. After helping to prepare dinner Marg and I jumped into the ocean, showered, I demonstrated some acroyoga (I helped teach some people some easier tricks), I also managed to set up a slackline which turned out to be a great hit for everyone. The salmon dinner was delicious accompanied by some great live music. Later in the evening Marg brought out the guitar and played the night away.

Sunday morning everyone was moving a little slower but the sky was blue and the sun was starting to peak out so the spirits were still high. I helped out with breakfast and was very excited to join Megan with the sweep for the day. All was going well until I decided to put my finger in between my brakes and slice part of my nail and the top of my finger. I reluctantly was driven to the emergency room. I was bleeding pretty good and the pain was awful... After some extra strength tylenol and waiting in the hospital for 1.5 hours (for the one doctor in charge of the entire emergency room that was called away to deliver a baby) I made the executive decision that there was no way I was going to spend the beautiful day in the hospital and miss out on the epic ride. I asked the nurses what my repercussion might be if I bailed from the doctor....nothing life threatening: maybe a deformed nail and finger...i jumped at the good news asked them to bandage me up and i was out of time to find the sweepers at the first rest stop! I rode the rest of the day high on tylenol and in greta company....amazing !!!!!!!

Thanks to Robbin, the guests and other volunteers


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