Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The European Juggling Convention

Have you ever seen 5000 jugglers together?

On monday i travelled down to Karlsruhe in Germany to visit the European Juggling Convention. This festival started 30 years ago with 10 people in England and grew out to this festival where people travel to from all around the world!

Imagine: one big gymnastic hall with about 300 people throwing with balls, clubs, hats, umbrella,s ...and then there is a big bautiful park outside with another few thousand jugglers., It's great! I actually came here for the acrobatics and luckily there are about 20 acrobats.

I arrived on monday night, after having had troubles with my car: The pipe fell off, because Jason and I fixed it with a climbing-rope when he was here.. The guy who helped me was very nice and I did a handstand for him to thank him and he made a picture of it.

Then I arrived and there where some people slacklining! I was a bit nervous to step on the line, but after a few minutes I was enjoying the few poses I know. Then people where amazed and curious for what I did.. It was great to share and I discovered how special yoga on the slackline actually is.

I just received a text that Fellow AcroYoga teacher Scott is heere, so more fun!
Tomorrow I (or it will be we now) will teach an AcroYoga workshop to 30 people,
and maybe first Slackline workshop?.
I'll keep you posted!
See you again soon!

The Dutch Yogaslackerwomen..
check video's here

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  1. so great to get a post from Dieke our European super slacker....

    Pictures would be great! The video was fun! I am all for you teaching a workshop in slackline! You can do it. Lots of love from America.