Thursday, July 24, 2008

Telluride Yoga Festival (July 2008) and CIRCUS

Coming off the Terschelling Yoga Festival, there was little hope that I'd see such an amazing location for yoga in the USA.  I drove from Tucson, stopping to climb for a day in Flagstaff.  Then picked up fellow YogaSlacker Adi Carter and finished the journey.
It was our first time in Telluride!  It is SO amazing there.  The public transport is a Gondola powered with wind energy, and free for everyone!   All three of the classes I was scheduled to teach were outside!  
The nature class went fantastic, with a great energy, and everyone got a chance to be photographed in their favorite pose outside.  

We did a meditation that actually allowed the participants to become "one" with all the mosquitos and black flies around.  And everyone had amazing results.  As soon as you release the fear of being bitten....

For all the images from the outdoor shoot, visit this gallery

Sam, Adi and I gave slackline Yoga Demos, as well as helped the AcroYoga Kula with theirs.  It was so great to have Jason and Jenny (AcroYoga founders) there, and many of my fellow AcroYoga teachers.    

I also did a demo for Plum TV, and an interview. Nice folks, will see if I can get it up on here soon.
Finally, in an exciting twist, Sam and I were invited to be in the Circus Holus Bolus which was in town for the same weekend.  It was comprised of 10 adults and 19 kids.  We performed two shows with them, complete with costumes.  We choreographed a mini Slackline/Acro routine just minutes before our first appearance.  Great fun.  I've always dreamed of being in the circus! 

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