Friday, July 11, 2008

a pretty good day

yesterday was a good day for me. After getting crap sleep the night before (my wife, tammy invited our toddler to sleep in bed with us and the baby kept waking up...) i went out for my training run expecting it to be hard. it was a short 5 mile run, but the target pace was 6:50 per mile or so. there was going to be a reasonable 15-20 mph headwind for about half of it too. Since i have no real way to tell how fast i'm going, i always just kind of go so that i'm reasonably tired. turned out i went about 6:30 per mile, so that was nice. did my 15 minutes of weights and headed home for lunch. After that i got to relax with tammy a bit while the boys were down for a nap. When they got up Keegan, the toddler, went to the fair with his grandpa while I spent an hour or two in the basement mudding (ah, the smell of mud, it never gets old does it?) before heading to the fair myself. took keegan on the ferris wheel which was cool, then grabbed some dinner. My only mistake (and why it wasn't just a GOOD day) was eating fair food - i was pretty hungry and had a buffalo burger (thinking it'd be lean) and then finished keegans polish sausage (keegan ended up eating Tammy's turkey sub) before getting on a 'bouncy trampoline ride' that keegan wanted to see his daddy go on. it really was pretty cool, but, well, i guess that polish sausage didn't really like it too much....

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