Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Learn Acrobatics before your next wedding!

What better way to really stand out at a wedding (and it is wedding season now!) than a little acrobatics?!?  People won't even realize that you do not know how to dance (and if you can dance, they will be even more impressed!)  So here is a bit of a primer from a few weeks back as I was passing through Flagstaff.  The Tux is a bit outdated, but on a slacker budget it is what I could afford.  I think the tux cost all of $4.50.    

The beautiful and talented Emily Wilkinson was my date for this particular engagement.  The high heels are not ideal for things like standing on shoulders.  Ouch!

On a personal note, during the hours before this photo shoot, I went deep water soloing (essentially climbing on overhanging cliffs without a rope over deep water) with my friend Karilyn.  We were baked by the sun and numerous 30-40' falls into the water.  My ear got so much pressure that I had a raging headache, and felt and looked like I'd been up all night at a debaucherous bachelor party.  

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