Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dutch Acrobatics Festival

Really difficult to even begin to describe this.  For about $150 you go and ca
mp and eat organic food and fly around in the air all day for 3days and nights....all inclusive.
I was a bit overwhelmed, and did my best to represent the YogaSlackers.  I tried more crazy things than I thought possible, saw things that I would not have believed had I not seen them with my own eyes....

In truth I felt really insecure much of the time, as I had been feeling a bit confident in my acrobatics until I saw Dieke and Paul teaching a level B workshop (Levels go A - E).  Below is one of the easier sections of a 3 minute sequence they taught....

Luckily I got a bit of my confidence back when it came time to teach my Acro-Slackline workshop.  The crazy acrobats loved it.  (I'l post some pics soon!) 
Over all it was a great time with over 20 AcroYogis representing!


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